Congratulations and welcome home to Dr. Michael Redler, who recently completed his eight medical mission to Honduras.

The medical mission was organized by One World Surgery, a nonprofit whose goal is to provide world-class surgical care to underserved communities globally.

During his mission, Dr. Redler completed 15 surgeries, including this patient, a male who received an ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair.

“Our hearts are filled with pride and our spirits have been lifted immensely,” said Dr. Redler. “The access to surgery for underserved countries may well be among the best efforts to pay it forward in a way that can have major impact on the patient, the family, and their economic society as a whole.”

Innovation knows no bounds!

Connecticut Orthopaedics spine surgeon Dr. Glenn Russo teamed up with Hartford Healthcare radiation oncologists to establish a multi-disciplinary model to deliver better care for spine tumor patients.

While performing a complex tumor reconstruction, Dr. Russo utilized a cutting-edge carbon fiber system, which helps to optimize tumor radiation and minimize the risk of tumor recurrence.

This coordinated and innovative approach was identified by Connecticut Orthopaedic physicians Dr. Gerard Girasole and Dr. Russo, and is part of our continued effort to provide the latest and most effective care for every patient in our community!