Patient Education

Part 3: How to Garden Despite Aches and Pains - Planting and Tending 

Discerning the type of garden that best suits your space and abilities was addressed in Part 1:   “Preparation” by considering planting size, height and placement.  Choosing the appropriate tools will largely facilitate the ease in which a garden can be planted and maintained. This was discussed in Part 2 “Tools for the Trade”. There are still a few more hacks to be considered to actually plant and care for the garden while protecting your body.

Part 1: How to Garden Despite Aches and Pains - Preparation 

For those who garden, a plot of plants is more than a pleasing decoration or mere food supply. It provides exercise, therapy, nature, healthfulness, creativity, peace, spirituality and more. As we age or cope with disability, these benefits can become even more treasured. The “bad back”, the “bum knee” and the “stiff hands” test our temper and stamina. But with planning, patience and some creative modifications, we can still enjoy the garden!