What is Causing My Knee to Swell and Lockup - Michael Redler, MD

Video Transcript

I’m Dr. Michael Redler – orthopaedic surgeon specializing a sports medicine and hand surgery at the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center. Locking, catching or swelling of the knee are very common amongst athletes and other individuals. Often this has occurred after injury but sometimes it seems to come up out of nowhere. Common causes for this catching, locking or swelling can be a tear of the meniscus – which is the cartilage between the joint space. Or loose bodies of the knee which are small floating pieces of cartilage or bone. Whereas, small meniscus tears can often be treated with observation and physical therapy, most meniscus tears will require a minimally invasive arthroscopy. An arthroscopy can be performed through little puncture wounds where we able to view the meniscus or the small loose bodies. We can take out the loose bodies. We can trim the small portion of meniscus that’s torn. If you have a larger tear that is in the area of the “so called” red – white zone, where there is a blood supply, we can arthroscopically repair these. This procedure is done as an outpatient with therapy starting soon afterwards – and with a very good chance of returning to excellent function and