Tedd L. Weisman, MD - Introduction

Video Transcript

Hi – I’m Doctor Tedd Weisman. I’m an Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon here at Connecticut Orthopaedics. I do have a philosophy about how I interact with patients, but I actually don’t call it a philosophy. Because, I think that’s too theoretical. I call it a modus operandi or an M.O. It’s a way of thinking about how a patient feels when they come to the office. And I find that if I put myself in their shoes and I actually listen to what they say. I mean listen – for one maybe even two minutes, which seems like an eternity to most of us physicians. Many times the patients will tell you what hurts. They’ll give you the diagnosis. All we have to do is listen. Patients very often ask, am I having major surgery as we discuss and plan for surgery. What I tell them is, what one of my mentors told me and I live by this philosophy, that the surgery should be major for me and minor for you.