STARPlus Programs

Video Transcript

Hello – my name is Kelly Corso. I’m a licensed athletic trainer with STAR Physical Therapy. Today I would like to tell you about our STAR Plus programs, STAR Plus Next Step and Star Plus Power and Fitness. The Next Step program was designed for those who have completed their formal physical therapy, but are not quite ready to work independently at home or at the gym. Our Power and Fitness program is geared towards athletes who are looking to move on to the next level after completing their formal PT. This program is to help bridge the gap where formal physical therapy end and sport-specific training begins. The Next Step program begins with an initial assessment to gain a baseline of strength and range of motion – similar to that of physical therapy. From there, a supervised exercise program is implemented to continue addressing the strength and flexibility needed for that patient. Power and Fitness begins with an initial assessment with an exercise program that addresses the deficits seen during the evaluation. Some of this includes self trigger point releases, dynamic stretching and strengthening. These programs were designed to address continued weaknesses and educate patients on how to correctly continue strengthening and stretching after they have completed their programs. These programs are run by licensed athletic trainers who work for STAR Physical Therapy. Collectively, with the physicians of COS and STAR physical therapists, we have designed these programs to help you get back to good health. For more information, please visit our website at CT dash ortho dot com.