Sports Medicine Specialists featuring Doctors Mayor, Schachter and Daigneault

Video Transcript

Certainly, if you’ve got a musculoskeletal problem – if you’ve got a problem with your bones and joints that is not getting better or is – that is significantly impacting your life and your ability to do the things that you need to do on a daily basis. Those are the times that we can – that we can help you. And accurate diagnosis is probably most important in guiding treatment. So, the most important part of any diagnosis initially is somebody’s history. How it happened? When they noticed it? Associated symptoms, exacerbating factors, etc.? Most often, patients that come in are treated non-operatively. Physical Therapy is one of the mainstays of treatments in orthopaedics. Figuring out why people have pain is important. And I would say the majority of the people I see have an overuse problem. So, figuring out how they got that problem is really key in solving the problem.