Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Jack Kelley and Al Carbone, Commissioner, SCC

Video Transcript

High school sports is as American as apple pie, but injuries will occur. Joining us are Dr. John Kelley and SEC Commissioner, Al Cabone on the importance of sports medicine. Doctor Kelley, what are some of the common injuries among young athletes? Most of the common injuries tend to do with the major joints. The ankle, the knee, shoulder, and elbow. They tend to be minor sprains that will get better quickly. Unfortunately, some of them are more major and will require orthopaedic care and sometimes surgery. One of the things I see a lot, that’s a little troubling to me over the last 20 years, is the number of kids playing the same sport year-round. They’re kind of pressured to do that because of scholarship implications, but there is significantly more exposure to injuring the joint doing the sport all your on then doing it part of the year. And part of our message we’re trying to get out through our partnership with the SCC with Mr. Carbone, to try to get that message out to the athletic directors. Al let’s talk more about Southern Connecticut Conference. Sure Southern Connecticut Conference made up 22 member schools representing 16 communities in the Greater New Haven, Fairfield, and Middlesex counties. And with these member schools have had great success on the playing fields. And through our partnership with Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists like to get that message out to those student athletes and parents and relatives who care about high school sports so much. I understand there’s a scholarship opportunity for seniors through this partnership. Sure, it’s called the Comeback Player of the Year and it’s given to two student athletes, from the SCC, who have overcome the challenge of suffering an injury, but most importantly, through hard work and determination and courage have come back to play and to be a positive role model to their teammates and their school communities. Thank you both for joining us.