Sports Medicine Minute, Listen To Your Body - Jeffrey M. Klauser, MD

Video Transcript

Well, the most important thing I think is proper conditioning. Even with our younger athletes, we’re seeing more and more injuries these days. That we never used to see in the past. For example, ACL injuries have exploded over the past few years. Whereas, 25 years ago an ACL in an 11 year old was basically unheard of. now we’re seeing it so much more often. So, the offseason is where this really comes into play. Where they have to really train their bodies to build up their muscle, build up their flexibility to prevent against injuries. During the season they really have to listen to their body. So, when things start to break down, they start to feel pain, they start to have some issues, they have to listen to their bodies. Seek care. Rest it. Allow it to get better before it becomes a real serious issue.