Spine and Back Care - Doctors John Beiner and Kenneth Kramer

Video Transcript

Pain is a major reason people see an orthopaedic surgeon, but it doesn’t always lead to surgery. Joining me now to talk about this are Doctors John Beiner and Kenneth Kramer. Dr. Beiner, what sets the group apart when it comes to treatment of spine problems? This group is different because no matter what the problem is, we have a solution for that that’s fairly self-contained. If you need physical therapy, we can satisfy that. If you need an injection, we can take care of that. And when it comes to those few patients that actually need surgery, we can take care of that in our own state-of-the-art facility with less risk to you than it would be in a bigger Center. Dr. Kramer, what’s your philosophy in treating patients? Our philosophy is to take as careful and conservative an approach to the patient with a spinal problem as we can. So, while we are surgeons we, offer a full range of treatment measures from most conservative to most surgical. This means starting with such simple measures as physical therapy and medications. Progressing to mildly more invasive things such as injections. And in the small group of patients, who will both benefit from this and need this, surgical treatment. What are the new advances in spine surgery that have influenced your practice? The most intriguing new advances are those evolving techniques which allow for achieving the surgical goal with less invasive procedures. This can mean using smaller incisions, endoscopes or arthroscope or smaller implants. Dr. Beiner are you primarily an orthopaedic surgeon or a spine surgeon? That’s a tough question because we spend a lot of years training within general orthopaedics, but the fact is, within this group and myself included, the only thing that we do is our specialty. So, I operate only on spine and I help patients with those problems primarily. Dr. Beiner – Dr. Kramer, thank you so much for joining us. You’re welcome.