Sometimes it’s Hips in a Day - Dr. Curtis Campbell

Video Transcript

I think ah, most people are surprised by the fact that you can have surgery and then on the same day you’re up and walking. You tell them that and they’re like no – that’s not gonna happen. And then you have surgery and the next thing ya know, later that day, they’re up with a physical therapist and they’re they’re on their feet, they’re walking you know from their bed to the chair. And you know walking around the hospital and they they’re amazed by it. And she starts out where you can’t do some of the more recreational activities they want to do. And then eventually you have a hard time you know, getting in out of the car or bending over putting your socks and shoes on. And then, usually it’s when you get to that point where you know the you know the pain level is too high, or it interferes with the stuff that you need to do on a daily basis. That’s when I find most patients are, you know, ready for hip replacements. The Anterior Approach is more of a muscle-sparing approach to hip replacement. Quicker recovery early on – they are able to get up and walk sooner. Some of these patients you can have your surgery at 7 o’clock in the morning you, um, go to recovery room and be home by dinner – a lot of times