Shirvinda A. Wijesekera, MD - Introduction

Video Transcript

I’m Shirvi Wijesekera. I’m an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon at Connecticut Orthopaedics. I really like what I do! I get to see people come into the office with a problem that they really need help with and then I get to watch them get better. From the time they get out of the surgery, you see some pain on their face but they’re getting better and you can see it already. And then every time they come to their office they’re a little bit better – every time. Adults or kids who have deformities – sometimes you can correct that instantly. They might grow a couple of inches right there in front of me. And they’re straight and they love it and I love it. So, at the end of the case, I would really like someone and their family to know that I listened to them. That I did everything that was possible, so that they could feel better and get back to their lives.