Rowland B. Mayor, MD - Introduction

Video Transcript

I’m Doctor Rowland Mayor. I’m an orthopaedic surgeon with the Connecticut Orthopaedics and I’m specializing in Sports Medicine. The fundamental core of my philosophy is that I need to customize my treatment plan to the patient. That the patient comes in with a problem, it’s my job to determine what that problem is. How the orthopaedic condition is impacting their life and that will change how I treat it. Because, depending on what they’re trying to get back to, what their expectations are, that will change how I’m going to approach the problem. If they are patient and they want to try everything before they move on to invasive therapies, I can work with them on that and determine how to do that. If they’re impatient and they want to get back as soon as possible we can come up with a treatment plan to try to make things happen fast.