Making a Connection - Dr. Curtis Campbell

Video Transcript

I think, kinda going back to getting into why you get into medicine. You just want to make those connections with people and make them feel better. In terms of that, there’s a lot of new advances now a days with robotic surgery. And different techniques for, you know, injections and all the implants are made of different materials and everything. And it’s very easy to kind of lose sight of the human side of it. So, even we’re doing a case where, you know, we have a robot that helps with a precision and making sure that everything is accurate and they aren’t any errors. You know that, 90 percent of it still the human side where it’s leading up to surgery. You develop – you’re building a relationship with patients and getting them through the surgery. And then, every field has that but, in particular, orthopaedics – once you’re – if you’re someone is trusting you to operate on them that’s a lot of trust that they put in you and you want to make sure you do the right thing for them. And kind of develop that bond and carry that through for the rest of their life.