Knee Arthritis Home Remedies - Mark Wilchinsky, MD

Video Transcript

I’m Dr. Mark Wilchinskly an orthopaedic surgeon at OSM and I specialize in arthritis of the knee. People frequently ask me what about home remedies? What about different things I can try on my own before I see you? Well, there’s a lot of different types of home remedies and we see these advertised all the time on TV, on the internet, on the radio. And my advise to patients are as long they are not harmful – you can try them. Things like glucosamine different types of creams – different types of braces with magnets. Those are all probably acceptable but, you have to understand that none of them have really gone through scientific, double blind studies, to say that they work. So, before trying them, I would consult your physician but don’t expect them to always give you relief. But again, if it does seem to work and as long as there’s no harm in trying, then I would recommend doing it under some supervision.