Innovative Care Through Orthopaedic Institutes

Video Transcript

Innovative care through orthopaedic Institutes. We’ve made the patient experience the important thing. Getting the patient better. Getting the patient through the, through the care with the best experience and the smoothest transition from the hospital back to home and back to their life again.Through the Bone and Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital and the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at MidState Medical Center, Hartford Healthcare is changing the way orthopaedic care is delivered in Connecticut. In 2016 Hartford Healthcare partnered with local orthopaedic surgeons to create the Bone and Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital. This 150 million dollar Institute is now attracting orthopedic patients from around the world. Bone and Joint Institute patients have access to leading-edge technologies like precision MAKOplasty robotic surgery, hip resurfacing and a special fragility fracture program. From diagnosis through treatment and rehabilitation, the Bone and Joint Institute offers an unparalleled network of coordinated services for patients with disorders and orthopaedic injuries. The Connecticut Orthopedic Institute at MidState Medical Center was designed
to provide world-class care and first-class treatment. Launched in 2017 the goal was to create the finest orthopaedic care experience in Connecticut. The result was a specialty center unlike any other. Designed by doctors exclusively for patients the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at MidState Medical Center brings together some of the state’s top surgeons and the latest advancements with hotel-like amenities designed to promote comfort healing and optimum outcomes. The Institute pushes the boundaries of how the art and science of medicine is restoring motion and lives. Our partnership with Hartford Healthcare System is allowing us to bring the expertise Connecticut Orthopedic Specialists has with the facilities that Hartford Health System has brought to us. With everybody there taking care of you from the food, to the therapy that you need, to the nursing care, to the physician assistants, nurse practitioners, as well as social coordinators really to have everybody focus on the experience for the patient to make it the best way it is. And get them home safely and comfortably. What we’ve been able to do is create the best of both worlds. We have a world-class, brand-new hospital facility at our disposal. And then our physicians will be able to provide the high level of care that they’ve been trained to give. Patients that have gone and had this, the first cases that we’ve been performing up there have been extremely happy with that experience. So once you’re beyond the design-build considerations, the real challenge becomes migrating patients to the new Institute. COS was able to succeed in this area through a unique launch strategy that combined the best traditional marketing channels and the targeting efficiencies of digital marketing. This is a strategy that in reality COS has been working on for years. This combination of traditional and new media has improved our ability to increase market awareness. And with it, impressive patient flow to the hospital during the launch phase. Since opening the Institute’s Press Ganey scores for overall patient satisfaction are in the 99th percentile compared to their peer group. Its 30-day readmission rate is less than 1%, which is significantly better than the best practice of less than 4.2 percent. The Institute’s age cap scores are exceptional – ninety seven point seven percent of patients would recommend the Institute. And the average length of stay at the Institute for a total joint patient is one point five days – which beats the best practice target of two point six days. We have a good feel for what our patients are looking for. And by virtue of that combination we think we’re able to construct an experience that is going to be world class.