Hip Replacement Surgery - Dr. Philip Minotti

Video Transcript

Hip replacement surgery is a very effective surgery for relieving the pain of hip arthritis. In general, the operation takes between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. It involves a two to three day hospitalization. Many patients are able to leave the hospital and go right home, but some people do require an inpatient rehabilitation stay. Once you do get home you have a visiting therapist and a visiting nurse that will work with you on a daily basis – allowing you to achieve your goals in a timely fashion. This is a model of a replaced hip. As you can see, the ball in the socket has been replaced with an artificial material. There’s a part that goes down to the femur called the stem. And I’ll show you that again in greater detail. And there’s a part called the socket. This pink area is the ball. So now, instead of bone rubbing on bone there is,in this case, ceramic rubbing on plastic. This is a ceramic on plastic hip. And it original as the diseased cartilage in the diseased bone. This is a femur that has been replaced. The top of the femur, where the diseased bone was, has been removed and replaced with an implant. This is a model I’d like to show you what the actual implant actually looks like. This is an actual femoral stem. It’s made of titanium. It has a roughened surface here at the top where you’re your own bone grows into the metal and it becomes attached to your own body. This is a socket. As you can see, this area is titanium. It has a roughened surface that your bone actually grows into. And once that occurs, by six weeks, it becomes part of you. The socket itself is lined with polyethylene. The polyethylene acts as the new bearing, so your diseased cartilage is replaced with plastic. The new ball of your hip joint actually fits right into this socket. And I’ll show you how that works. So, this is a hip in the socket. This ball here is made of ceramic and it fits right in the socket just like that. So, instead of diseased cartilage rubbing on disease cartilage you now have ceramic rubbing on plastic. I have a wide range of technologies available that make hip replacement a viable option for people in their early 20s all the way up to people over a hundred. For more information about diseases of the hip and their treatments, please visit our website WWW dot CT dash ortho dot com. Thank you.