Highest Quality of Orthopaedic Care Now Available in Meriden-Wallingford

Video Transcript

We all live busy lives and can – patient convenience is an important component to the overall delivery of health care. What we’re trying to do is bring the high level expertise to one location. Orthopaedics, like all different kinds of medicine, are broken into sub specialties. And so, as we move forward into a more modern delivery system. But, you want to be able to do is to bring the various elements of a service line together. So, that the patient has somewhat of a one-stop shopping type of capability. It’s very convenient to be this close to the doctors. They’ll come over and explain the surgery to us and the patient at the same time. So, that we can understand why maybe the shoulder is stiffer than another one. When the doctor comes and explains it – it kind of enlightens everybody. Where the patients are coming from into this space they’re very happy. It’s a much more fluid and patients um – can move from equipment to equipment – or space to space, or room, and with their therapists, and we’re not bumping into each other. It’s very nice. (Laughter) The Sun – it’s sunny it’s – bright, it’s the things that you want it to be – a happy place! Patients need that um, positive, sunny energy. There’s really a tremendous convenience factor for this community to have a comprehensive Medical Center that represents the highest quality of care right here in their local community.