Help for Athletes - Dr. Curtis Campbell

Video Transcript

I’ve always had an interest in sports and being active my whole life. But to me, I kind of see orthopaedics as just, you know, getting people back to their you know their normal. You know – kind of restoring motion and getting them back to their normal activities. Whether it’s sporting or just moving or just doing the kind of day-to-day activities. And a lot of times they come in like they’re almost kind of heartbroken if they have an injury and they were planning a big race. Or know you they get hurt in practice and they can’t make the game. Or they used to do a lot of you know stuff with your family or hiking and then they’ll get arthritis. I think one of the best things I like about orthopedics is that most of time if we can see a problem we’re able to fix it and people feel better. You know, you come in with an injury, whether it’s – most of time it’s not something to need surgery. It’s just you know, chronic – chronic, you know, repetitive type thing and you know with some conservative treatment with some conservative treatment you can get better. And if it’s a little more something that’s you know a little more extensive and you know needs to require surgery.