Glenn S. Russo, MD - Introduction

Video Transcript

So, my name is Glenn Russo. I’m a Spinal Surgeon here at Connecticut Orthopaedics. So, I’m trained in all aspects of spinal care, from top to bottom, skull to the sacrum. I’m trained in minimally invasive spinal surgery. So, it’s doing some surgery through smaller, less invasive incisions. But, also traditional open techniques and even the big surgeries to treat scoliosis and other spinal deformities. I enjoy all aspects of it. And the fact is, is that being trained in all aspects of spinal care allows me to sit down with the patients and sort through the different options to find which management plan is best for them. My philosophy when working with patients is that there’s really two experts in the room. There’s the patient who’s the expert on their pain, what’s going on in their body and their lives. And they’re the ones who best to understand what treatment options will work for them. It’s my job to make sure that those are all available. Listening to them is critically important. And understanding the diagnosis and the best treatment plan. And working together in that way is the way we can achieve the best outcomes.