Gerard Girasole, MD - Introduction

Video Transcript

I’m Dr. Gerard Girasole. I’ve been practicing for 24 years. I specialize in spinal surgery which includes adult deformity and minimally invasive surgery. What I like most about my job is – I enjoy patient interaction. It’s very rewarding to have patients come into your office and literally, be in such pain, there’s a lot of emotional aspects of it. And then taking them through it – not only through surgery – but through non-operative management. Not everybody gets an operation. But, when you do come to an operation – to see them and their family go through it. And then come back on the post-operative visit with smiles. They look like different people. And it’s really enjoyable to see people get their lives back. Not only the end of the case, but after their post-operative period, would be that I was compassionate, that I did explain to them their condition. I treated them appropriately and they trusted that I would help them through their problem. Whether it is surgery or non-surgical.