Five Year Partnership with Quinnipiac University Announced

Video Transcript

Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists have been a great supporter of the programs at Quinnipiac University, particularly in health sciences, physical therapy, occupational therapy and nursing. And we’re looking forward to being part of that as a medical school. The most important thing that COS offers in – to the medical school is the opportunity for our students to interact with their surgeons. It’s a great opportunity because they get to see how we operate culturally and philosophically. How we deliver care. And we get to see what kind of professionals they are. And when the match is there, it really works out beautifully. Because they know what they’re getting into working Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists. We know they’ve been extremely well-trained because the program here is so good. And so, for students who want to stay in Connecticut and want to practice medicine in this area, we represent a wonderful employment opportunity. STAR, the physical therapy portion of COS, we’ve worked with the Quinnipiac students for years. We work directly with the physical therapy and occupational therapy departments and take in students for their internships. So, it’s important for us because they’re training with us and many of them come back and work for us. And it’s important for them because we provide a orthopaedic outpatient environment for them to practice in. Currently, have 15 physical therapists and occupational therapists that have graduated from Quinnipiac. Two of our staff therapists are adjunct instructors at Quinnipiac. Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists is proud to be a sponsor of the Quinnipiac, Frank Netter School of Medicine. We give both our financial support as well as our professional time and our clinical expertise to these students. We’re excited to see them mature and give back to this community and be part of the healthcare delivery system in Connecticut.