Dr. Singha Approach to Patients with Foot & Ankle Injuries

Video Transcript

It was like talking to like a friend who just knew everything about your ankle. It was great. He was actually, really funny. I really – he made me feel really comfortable. Um I mean, we talked about sports and different injuries and – and you know I could tell he knew exactly what was what’s going on. One of the best things about my job is having relationships with my patients and building that throughout the months and the years. And I love treating my patients like they’re my family. I would want my – you know mom, dad, my brother to be treated the same way if they went to see a doctor and I’d like to do the same for all my patients. And kind of take the time and listen to what they’re going through. He also knows how important it is for patients to get back to their regular lives. I just started running recently on the treadmill um – and I just see that it’s actually working. I just want to be that aide to get them there faster and – and do it the right way. So yeah, that is my motto. I love getting patients on their feet quicker – you know – and – and just start being active and live a healthy lifestyle.