Dr. Singha Approach to Athletes and "Weekend Warriors"

Video Transcript

It was like talking to like, a friend who just knew everything about your ankle. It was great. He was actually, really funny, I really – he made me feel really comfortable. Um, I mean we talked about sports and different injuries and you know, I could tell he knew exactly what was going on. So, I grew up playing tennis my whole life. Played in college as well. I played nationally growing up. So, I know what it takes to get back out there on the court on the field on the ice. I know the drive and the determination they have. So, I was a cheerleader in high school. I played softball in high school. When the first you know rupture happened, it kind of made everything, like everything was put on hold. And I didn’t cheerlead again after it. So, we did an arthroscopic repair of her ligaments on her ankle. And to stabilize that so she doesn’t keep having that feeling. And she’s you know, in her younger 20’s and she wants to be athletic and active and do gym and spin classes and things like that. So, that was that – was, was a really good success. I just started running recently on the treadmill. And I could see that it’s actually working. Earl is a weekend warrior. He came to my clinic complaining of significant pain to the back of his Achilles after playing a game a couple of days prior. He said he heard a pop. So, we did the exam. We got an MRI as well and confirmed that there was an Achilles rupture. His treatment plan as actually, very good. I was right on I think. Everything he told me from the day of surgery all the way up until like today. He also knows how important it is for patients to get back to their regular lives. I just want to be that aide to get them there faster and do it the right way. So yeah, that is my motto. I love getting patients on their feet quicker, you know. And, and just start being active and live
a healthy lifestyle.