Dr. Kelley Patient Turns Injury into Career Opportunity

Video Transcript

I was going towards the soccer ball like it was a 50/50 shot with the girl from the other team. And I turned her way as my knee twisted my foot stayed on the ground. And I just like when I screamed I knew. I waited to go see Dr. Kelley till the next day but, I had a feeling that I knew I tore it and I was just felt really defeated in the beginning. But, then after like – throughout the process and started like knowing that I could get better and go back on the field. Colleen – like most teenage, female athletes I see, was tremendous. They tend to be a little bit more serious and I think that helps them with the rehab and the mindset that they’re not going to let this beat them – they’re going to beat it! One of the things that makes Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists unique in treating athletes with this type of a problem, is our ability to control the quality of what we do at each step along the way. And the speed at which we do it. Everything the patient needs from the time they get injured to the time they’re back on the field. After I went right to physical therapy at STAR and they really started to get me back into shape – straightening the leg – more range of motion. I liked the whole aspect of it – that it really sparked my interest with physical therapy. And so for my capstone project at the end of my senior year – um I did a physical therapy internship at STAR in Milford. I’m going to attend the University of Tampa next year and major in allied health sciences, concentrated on physical therapy health. So, I’m really excited.