Dr. Curtis Campbell, Joint Replacement Specialist, COS

Video Transcript

Most people are surprised by the fact that you can have surgery and then on the same day you’re up and walking. Whether it’s your hip replacement and knee replacement and you have surgery in the morning or having therapy that same day and you’re up and up and walking. I think it’s a, you know, very patient-centered practice. We’re really focused on our patient care – our patient needs. And kind of restoring motion and getting them back to their normal activities. Whether it’s sporting or just moving or just doing the kind of day-to-day activities. And you know, I saw the good way to kind of help people. Really improve their quality of life and get back to what they might be doing. A lot of times they come in, like, and they’re almost kind of heartbroken if they have an injury or get arthritis. And they just debilitating they can’t do it anymore. So, when they come in you can kind of tell how down they are. And you know, most of time is something we can help with so it feels – it feels really good. A lot of us within COS have a lot of local ties to the community. Whether we grew up in the area or went to school here – have a lot of family. When I came back and joined the group here, in a way kind of like coming home.