Benefits to the Direct Anterior Approach for Hip Replacement - Peter Boone, MD

Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Dr. Peter Boone. I’m an adult reconstruction specialist here at the orthopaedic sports medicine center. I perform the direct anterior approach to the hip and I believe it offers some benefits over other approaches for patients. The main benefit is it is a muscle-sparing approach. The other approaches, several of which, I have done over my career, involve removing – cutting through some of the muscles and sewing them back. The anterior approach does not require this. The muscles are pulled to the side but are not detached or cut through. There are no precautions required for the anterior approach. Patients can sleep on their side, on their stomach, on their back, any way they want compared to the other approaches where sometimes you have to sleep with a pillow strapped between your legs. Recent studies have shown that patients reach milestones of mobility and comfort and independence quicker with the direct anterior approach.