David B. Cohen - Introduction

Video Transcript

My name is Dr. David Cohen. I’m an orthopaedic surgeon at Connecticut Orthopaedics and my area of specialization is what we call Sports Medicine. I’ve always wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon. It’s just been something, ya know, that you want to do from when you’re young. And as I got older it was no surprise that I went in that direction. Certainly, I have a segment of my practice that takes care of high level division one athletes, young baseball players, soccer players. But, most people fall into the category of sports medicine patients if they have problems with their shoulders, their knees or their elbows. That’s what I deal with and ya know I take care of those problems for 11 or 12 year olds all the way up to the 98-year-olds. I think a lot of people really come to my practice because they want to understand what’s going on. Everyone knows that they have an issue, but they don’t understand what it really is or they’ve seen somebody else who hasn’t really given them the explanation they need to be satisfied. And not every treatment is right for every person. And often there are surgical treatments. Often there are non-surgical treatments. And I think a step-wise, organized approach to solving the problem, done in a joint fashion, is really the best approach to treating people. What I love most about being a sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon is that I have enormous opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives. I love dealing with people. I love making people better. I love creating relationships with my patients where I can understand what their goals are and I can do everything possible to get them back to whatever it is they what to be doing. You can make a huge difference and you can take an injured person and get them back to the level of play or function that they were at previously. And you know, that’s a real privilege to be involved in that kind of pursuit as your livelihood and I feel very lucky.