Curtis Campbell, MD - Introduction

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Curtis Campbell. I’m a joint replacement specialist at Connecticut Orthopaedics. My main affiliation is with Saint Vincent’s Medical Center. It’s an excellent orthopaedic hospital. It’s becoming even better now that we are part of Hartford HealthCare – truly as a center of excellence for joint replacement surgery, both within Connecticut and within the United States. So, I have unique training in both anterior hip replacement surgery as well as robotic assisted hip and knee replacement surgery. Anterior approach is a muscle-sparing approach that allows for rapid recovery after a joint replacement surgery. Robotic assisted surgery is for both hips and knees and it allows us to be much more precise – precise with our surgery. Still has a human touch to it where we are doing the whole surgery ourself. But, we know at the end of the case their implants are exactly where we want them to be and that allows our patients to have the best outcomes.