CO Surgical Center - Nasal Collection Instructional Video

Video Transcript

At Connecticut Orthopaedics, your safety is our first priority. Prior to undergoing surgery, you will need to visit our office to give a nasal swab sample to screen for COVID-19. This brief instructional video will take you through the steps. Once you arrive at the Connecticut Orthopaedics Surgical Center, call 203.407.3561 and a staff member will greet you at the front door.  They will verify your identification and take your temperature with a digital thermometer. You will then be escorted up to the Family Waiting Lounge, which is located on the 2nd floor of the Surgical Center. You will be asked to Purell your hands and then given a collection packet and instructional sheet. Screw off the top of the collection tube. Hold swab in one hand and collection tube in the other. Be careful not to spill the liquid. Insert the tip of the dry swab into one nostril.  The cotton tube does not need to be inserted far.  Just until the cotton tip is no longer visible. Rotate the swab in a circle around the entire inside edge of your nostril at least 3 times. Take the swab out of your nostril, and using the same swab, repeat in your other nostril. Remove the swab and place in the collection tube liquid.  Snap off the end of the swab shaft at the score line.  Screw the top of the collection tube back on. Double check to make sure the capped tube is labeled with the appropriate patient information and place into safety bag. Results of the nasal swab test will be given when you are called for your surgery time. If you have questions, please call the surgical center at 203.483.2024. Thank you, and stay safe.