Best Care Close To Home - Milford

Video Transcript

I was having problems with my left hand for a number of years where my thumb would kind of ache. And I thought, maybe it’s the beginning arthritis. I was over 50 at that point. I knew that surgery was going to be a likely outcome and I wanted to make sure it was very comfortable with the doctor. I was comfortable as soon as I walked in the door – the entire staff. Just a great experience from start to finish. Since the surgery, since after the rehab, it feels better than the other thumb. I’m able to do anything I want. I work out at a gym every day and no problem lifting weights or anything. No problems at all. I would recommend my COS doctor unconditionally – and I have done so. I have a friend, a very close friend, who’s got a similar problem that I have and I’m trying to send her here. I’ve told her you’re not going to get better care. It’s local and the doctor is phenomenal.