His Contribution to Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists is Unparalleled and Quite Remarkable

When we look back on the history of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, we find that there’s different people who played prominent roles at various times. Dr. John Aversa’s contribution to this company is unparalleled and quite remarkable. On the very first day that I came to work, John came to my office and said to me, Glenny – if we’re not growing, we’re dying. That has been the philosophical mantra by which we grew this organization. It’s hard not to like John Aversa, honestly, I think it’s hard not to smile when he’s around. I think it’s hard not to enjoy, you know, doing cases and working, helping people when he’s involved because he just brings such a elevated level of joy and energy to everything he does. He is a very dedicated, generous person. If you’re his friend, you’re his friend for life. He’ll do anything for you. And if you ask him for help, he’ll go to extremes to try to find the answers for you or or get the help that you need. He’s probably my best friend. Ever since he joined he’s been a real spark plug for this outfit. His energy was something that really made a difference. His business sense is phenomenal. An enormous percentage of what we are today we owe to him. Well, in my mind right now, I have a picture of him and me standing in Tompkins basement at Yale on the first day of his residency. I was his chief resident. He was a very, very good. Very knowledgeable and very helpful. He was on time. But, later on he developed a reputation of being fashionably late. And then he joined our group and we’ve been together ever since. He embodies all the best qualities of a doctor – empathy, inquisitiveness, tireless dedication to his patients, to the welfare of his colleagues, an ongoing devotion to the art and to the science of medicine. And he’s a, he’s a true inspiration to all of us. John just he’s a magnet because he’s so warm to people. He’s just a wonderful human being. Some of us love orthopaedics. John adores orthopaedics. John lives orthopaedics. I think the word I’ve described most is that he always does the right thing. He’s moral and he has a compass morally that makes him right always stop and think of what is the best thing to do to help people. A leader is somebody that everyone is willing to follow. And with John, everyone was willing to follow because they knew that his intent was for the best of everyone, not him as an individual but, first the group. And it’s for that reason that we succeeded. We succeeded because John led us.  Well, if John learns that somebody’s had an injury or has a family problem or any crisis, he makes himself available. His intentions and availability are not only sincere, but heartfelt. This is his baby and he loves every part of about it and every person in it. And you don’t you don’t meet a lot of people like that over the course of your lifetime. He’s a special guy like that. John has more energy than you could imagine. He puts himself second – he puts everybody else first. When you’re around him you feel good. That’s John. “Very good surgeons – and really was the reason for all our success. It’s my cardiologist. Hey Vinnie, I’ll call you later.” Like everybody else – I just love John Aversa. And he is one of the finest individuals I’ve ever met in my entire life. It’s been my pleasure to be his friend and my great, great pleasure to be his lawyer and the lawyer for COS. John is a religious man. He’s pious – that’s led him to become a very involved member of the Knights of Malta which has taken him to the very special places, including Haiti. John is a very selfless person. He is someone who puts others in front of himself. And he’s also a visionary – perhaps these things that most of us don’t see and he’s not afraid to take chances. I really owe my success – my career success to him and and he gave me the opportunity to shine. He’s a wonderful man. And really a part of my family and in fact, he’s the Godfather of my daughter. I myself, have tremendous gratitude for my relationship with him. But, I think everyone in this association, staff and other doctors, have tremendous gratitude and appreciation for what he’s given us and for the example that he sets. There’s no doubt in my mind that he considers all of his partners like his family and all of the people who work at COS as his family. He so loves being a doctor and taking care of people. It’s infectious, to use a medical term, and everybody – it’s hard not to be affected by him. John was a guiding light thirty-five years ago and I started my residency. He’s – he’s the prime reason that I became a member of this group. And he remains a guiding light to this very day. Because, without John Aversa and his leadership, there wouldn’t be a Connecticut  Orthopaedic Specialists. He looks to surround himself with people that he thinks are better than he is – but, the reality is, nobody’s better than he is.

It’s with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and partner – John M. Aversa, MD

It’s been said that Dr. John Aversa embodied all the best qualities of a Doctor. He was empathetic, inquisitive and had tireless dedication to his patients and the welfare of his colleagues. He was a magnet of warmth and a first-class physician.

As one of the original partners and a long-time president of our board, his vision and leadership helped shape our company in every conceivable way. It’s not a stretch to say that without his leadership, there wouldn’t be a COS today. Along the way, John won many hearts and minds – amongst his partners, co-workers and the community. He also helped to significantly grow our group by recruiting the best Orthopaedic physicians and facilitating several mergers and partnerships. He truly was a visionary.

The Heart and Soul of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists – he will be deeply missed.