Drs. Anighoro, Reznik discuss evolution of joint replacement recovery

Alan Reznik, MD
Kenoma Anighoro, MD

Congratulations to Drs. Kenoma Anighoro and Alan Reznik, who co-authored an article published in AAOS NOW and featured on AAOS Headline News.

The article outlined the evolution of total joint replacement surgery recovery, from multiweek hospital stays to the current outpatient and same-day surgery models. The surgeons credited this positive evolution to several medical advancements, including less invasive surgical approaches, multimodal pain management, and the adoption of tranexamic acid (TXA).

TXA is a medicine that controls bleeding by slowing the breakdown of blood clots, thus helping to prevent prolonged bleeding, decreasing transfusion rates, and improving a patient’s post-surgical recovery time.

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