Continuum of care leads to better service for our patients

World-class care and convenience were the founding principles that launched Connecticut Orthopaedics as a small, two-physician practice in 1963.

We’ve grown exponentially since then, becoming New England’s largest private orthopaedic practice, but our mission remains the same – offer convenient, expert care in the communities we serve.

It was with this mission in mind that we created our continuum of care – a process designed to guide our patients from consultation, to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, all under one roof, at the highest level, and close to home.

With a range of services that includes urgent care, imaging, sports therapy, rehab, and a orthopaedic-only outpatient surgical centers, our patients benefit from a seamless transition of care, often leading to improved outcomes and experiences.

“The continuum of care we’ve created allows us to provide better service to our patients,” said Dr. Patrick Ruwe, President of Connecticut Orthopaedics. “There are no gaps, no scheduling difficulties, no long waits to get test results – and it all happens in a comfortable setting close to where our patients live, it’s invaluable.”

Connecticut Orthopaedics physicians are rooted in the communities they serve, but bring with them training and experiences from many of the leading institutions across the U.S.

“Our physicians have all gone to top-tier schools, received premier residency training and gone to the best fellowship programs in the country,” said Ruwe. “They’re exceptionally well trained, have enormous clinical experience, and are integrated members of the community – that’s a very significant combination.”

With an unrivaled breadth of services and world-class surgeons and doctors specializing in every aspect of the musculoskeletal system, there’s simply no better choice for your orthopaedic care than Connecticut Orthopaedics.

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