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Dr. Kelley:
Thank you for fixing my knee twice – without your treatment I wouldn’t have been able to play these last 4 years of football at Bowdoin. When I first tore my ACL in high school, I had the feeling that my career was over, especially on senior day against East Haven when I dressed to play but you wouldn’t let me on the field (thank you for that). This past season I was captain at Bowdoin and even a few awards at the banquet, none of which would’ve been remotely possible if not for you and the surgery. As I hopefully make it to med school one day to be a doctor, I’ll always keep in mind how you changed my life so I remember the impact medicine can have on people’s lives. Thank you for everything. Tyler

Dr. Kelley:
I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me.

Two years ago I began asking around for the best shoulder and knee orthopedic doc after being hit by a car. I know now, that your reputation as Connecticut's best is well deserved! I just returned from a wedding and I was thinking how nice it was being pain-free the whole weekend for the first time in almost 2 years - thanks to you.

I wish to thank your staff as well. They have been awesome! They are always friendly, patient and have gone out of their way for me. I will always be grateful.
Lue from Newington

Regarding our STARPlus Next Step program: "A year after knee replacement surgery I had an aching hip, sore knee and countless other aches and pains. On my first visit to STARPlus I commented that I was tired of feeling old. My athletic trainer evaluated me and started me on some simple exercises to improve my overall strength and conditioning. She has designed routines to include upper body, legs and core. Each visit has built upon the previous and no two have ever been alike. If you want to get healthy, stay healthy or fully recover from an injury - this might be the program for you"

Jim, a current STARPlus Next Step participant

Regarding our STARPlus Employee Program: "When I signed up for the Employee Program I was extremely nervous because I am easily intimidated by my lack of ability to do certain exercises. After a few classes with Amanda I no longer have those fears. From Day One, Amanda turned out to be an amazing teacher. She has never intimidated me into feeling I can't do it. She always tells us we CAN! She really shows us how to correctly do stretches and movements so we don’t injure ourselves. Although she can be tough when she needs to be, Amanda has made it fun!"

Mary, a current STARPlus participant


We had a great year with Tony Simoes. As our new athletic trainer, he was able to jump right in and effectively meet our needs for both the coaches and student athletes. He has developed a great rapport with everyone at SHS and is liked and respected by students, coaches, and parents.

His professional manner, commitment to excellence, and attention to detail make him a great fit for Shelton High School. Tony is knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to the position. Overall, our experience with CT Orthopaedic Specialists and Tony Simoes as our ATC has been fantastic.

Additionally, Dr. Klauser has also been a great asset to our athletic families. He is always available to attend to any athletic injuries and appears to make the relationship with Shelton High School student athletes a priority. We have received positive feedback from the families who have had to utilize the services of Dr. Klauser and CT Ortho.

I am looking forward to a continued positive working relationship going forward.

John Niski, Director of Athletics, Shelton Public Schools

“Regarding our Outpatient Surgical Center (Branford, CT) -
The care I received far exceeded all my expectations. This was my first experience having surgery at a surgical center as opposed to a hospital. I much prefer the surgical center – the care was excellent from beginning to end.”Dr. Beiner Surgery Patient

Dr. Diana,

On behalf of the Waterford Library I'd like to thank you for your presentation last Weds on healthy joints at the Waterford Public Library. Your generous donation of time and information is greatly appreciated.

I hope that you were as pleased as we were with the turnout. Certainly their level of enthusiasm for you and for the subject matter was genuine as evidenced by their numerous questions that probably could have gone on for at least another hour!

The content of the program, both the images and the information, was perfectly coordinated and delivered. Your relaxed but highly informative presentation was packed with information that you made very accessible and understandable. I noticed many in the audience furiously scribbling notes while others were totally engrossed and hanging on your every word. Your stories of football colleagues, your family and patients added a very personal quality to your presentation a as well as your sense of humor and forthrightness.

Again thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to come to the library and present this valuable information. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Judy, Waterford Library

“Regarding our Shelton Staff

The gracious welcome begins at the front desk with accommodating Stacey and Jennifer. The knowledgeable customer service continues with the care of my therapy assistants Becky, Lindsay and Mohammed. And best of all, is the professional expertise and hands-on physical therapy from both Al and Chris. My therapist, Chris was encouraging, motivating, and so patient answering questions, while always attentive to my therapeutic progress and insurance limits. The physicians should be aware and proud they are supported by this well-organized cohesive team, that I recommend every chance I get.”

Janice K.

“Regarding Dr. Kramer’s Support Team

I wanted to say “thank you” for your kindness and concern during my recent illness. You always had a warm, reassuring smile and demeanor. Your attitude helped to “steady my course” thought some rough seas. You have the gift of empathy – and that is rare today. I didn’t want to be a difficult patient but now I grow stronger and more confident every day. I’m glad you were and are part of Dr. Kramer’s team.”

Thomas S.

“I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you how wonderful my daughter's MRI Technologist was on Friday, November 14th. My daughter is 11 years old and needed an MRI of her knee. She became very nervous when it was time to go in. She had lots of questions about the loudness of the machine and how far in she was going to go in and if anyone could see her, talk to her etc.

I can't tell you how calm and compassionate Lindsay's demeanor was the entire time with my daughter. Each question my daughter asked was answered with respect and a caring tone. Not once did Lindsay seem annoyed or rushed. She was able to get my daughter to get on the table, then she was able to talk to her about how far in she would go. When she came out of the room to start the scan, is when my daughter really started to cry and shake and become much more nervous. Lindsay spoke to her with absolute reassurance of the process and that they would start with a 30 second scan just so she could see how the noise was. She told her she could raise her hand at any time and she would stop.

I have had many opportunities, myself, to be in the hands of healthcare providers, of all kinds. I have had both my hips replaced, and during those times of surgery and recovery I have encountered many people that should not be in the healthcare industry. It is so refreshing to come across someone like Lindsay who, I believe, truly cared about my daughter and wanted to make this process as comfortable and less intimidating as possible. Only a person with a kind and compassionate personality can do these things sincerely and successfully.

Please know that I think Lindsay is a gem and I hope she is regarded as so and is respected by her management team and her coworkers.

FYI, my daughter fell asleep by the end of the scan.”

Michelle (My daughter is a patient of Dr. DeLuca) - Guilford, CT

“I wanted to share my extreme gratitude and thoughts to the entire clinical and physical therapy (PT) staff at CT Orthopedic Specialists regarding my experience this past summer, which would be end up being one of the toughest and most trying of my life to date.

In late May (2014), I was playing soccer in a Hartford summer league and fully ruptured my patellar tendon at around 8pm. Dr. Kelley and the clinical staff immediately made room to see me the very next morning (within 12 hrs of my injury) at their Branford facility to diagnose the injury via MRI and plan for subsequent surgical treatment. Within a matter of days (not weeks), I was scheduled for reconstructive surgery at their Branford surgical facility and put on the path to recovery. The serious nature of the reconstructive surgery inevitably led to a lot of pain and discomfort early on; yet, despite my poor moods during clinical/PT visits, the entire clinical and PT staff were exceptionally cheerful, accommodating, and encouraging (when needed).

Throughout the rehab process, the entire PT staff, from receptionists to therapists, showed a warm, genuine interest in helping me manage the experience, both, mentally and physically. As an athlete for my entire life, I have come to rely on exercise as a means to maintain mental clarity, balance, productivity, and general good spirits. When I was in pain (1st month), unable to exercise, and expected to fulfill work obligations, I really struggled to keep it all together and still focus on my rehab. The conscientious, thorough engagement from the entire staff went a long way to keep me on course and maintain a positive outlook.

The initial therapy sessions were quite difficult - especially when breaking up the scar tissue was a very painful but necessary step. The therapists, namely Ray and Bobby (among others!), took heed to minimize my pain and discomfort but also helped me to overcome crucial physical milestones when I needed it (mostly with respect to breaking up scar tissue). As time passed, I continued to get better and I found myself well ahead of the rehab protocol. Under guidance from Dr. Kelley, the PT staff did nothing but (safely) encourage me to break through milestones and get back to normal quickly which, for me, was of the utmost importance. By week 6, I was going to the gym on my own and, by 4 months, I began playing soccer, tennis and golf again, PAIN FREE. I am continuing to regain the strength I lost from the injury but I feel just as quick, agile, and comfortable as before the injury and, most crucially, not once have I questioned my knee's durability since I became active again.

Though my young age, 24, certainly contributed to my quick recovery, I firmly believe it was mostly attributed to the timely intervention, high surgical skill, and empathetic, knowledgable services that CT Orthopedic Specialists provided. Including my 2010 meniscectomy experience (also by Dr. Kelley), I recommend CT Ortho Specialists without reservation to those who are in need of any and all orthopedic/PT care - in particular for conditions which are time sensitive.”

Daniel Aupi

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased I am with my own personal experience with CT-Orthopeadic Specialists.

I recently had to have meniscus surgery on my right knee and felt comfortable going to Dr. Jeffery Klauser as my surgeon. He did an incredible job with the operation and things could not have gone better.

I then began my physical therapy workouts at Star sports therapy located in Shelton and once again, my entire experience was a positive one. Each person who I worked with was pleasant, professional and caring. Jennifer at the front desk was helpful and charming as week after week she accepted my co-pay deductible payment with a smile and genuine care for her responsibility. It was always a pleasure scheduling appointments and working around my hectic schedule to find appointments that met my needs.

Al was in charge of planning my rehab regimen and took great care to plan a program that met my personal needs and had me back on my feet and running the trails in record time. He listened to my requests and planned accordingly with great success. He is a true, knowledgeable professional who takes the time to personally connect with each of his patients.

Becky and Lindsay were the technicians who put me through the rigorous daily workouts and made certain that I was progressing along at the proper pace with great care. They were both pleasant and professional and did a great job in making certain that the details of my rehab plan were attended to. The facility was clean and spacious. The machines were of the best quality and my workouts were strenuous, but appropriate. It really was a pleasure to go there and “work out” under everyone’s care.

Based on my now personal experience (one that I hope never to repeat) I am confident that the students of Shelton High School will be treated with excellent care and respect. I look forward to a continued positive working relationship with CT-Ortho.” John Niski, Director of Athletics, Shelton Public Schools

“I had hip surgery on February 13, 2014. Dr. Klauser was excellent along with his entire staff. Beginning with the front desk reception to the nurses, PTs, all the folks I had interactions with were great and very helpful. I did my post-surgery physical therapy at the Branford location and again the entire staff there was fantastic. Please let them know my appreciation for their professionalism, courtesy, friendliness and all around job well-done!”Bill Altman, Branford, CT 06405

“Too bad you need to get hurt to come here – LOL”Hamden office STAR physical therapy patient

“Dr. Minotti - Great doctor. I highly recommend him. When other orthopedic surgeons would not listen he did. When other OS did not care, he did. When other OS did not take the time and help, he did. If you have a knee issue check out Dr. Minotti. He is the best.”Adam Fleisher

“Dearest Bree-Ann, J.P. and Dr. Patel, Just wanted to take time out of life's busy schedule just to say thank you - for simply being you. You are a "unique trio", a "well-oiled group" that displays unwavering kindness and compassion not only to me, but to all your patients. You have many wonderful qualities and many wonderful attributes. Be proud of how good you make people feel - that is certainly a gift not everyone has! You are a bunch of "roses and sunshine" during the storms of life. God Bless you for all that you do! In love and prayers.”Marlene - Branford, CT

“They all worked together to establish and maintain a respectful, warm and caring atmosphere. The therapists combined their observations and evaluations with the my input to develop performance goals that maximized my recovery. Thanks you so much!”Milford office STAR physical therapy patient

“I'm so thankful for Dr. Kaplan. He helped me locate a Doctor that could take care of my unique problem and then took over the after-care following my surgery. And Denise was very helpful on those tough days. I really appreciated both them and respect them both.”Hamden office patient