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COS in the News – Dr. Alan Reznik Assists with Unique Prosthetic Hand

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dr. Alan M. Reznik, MD

Dr. Reznik is known as a forward-thinker and creative problem solver. He also happens to be a top notch orthopaedic surgeon with a big heart.

Coupling his medical knowledge of how a natural human hand works along with his experience with prototyping and invention, he recently assisted his friend, Ken Champlin in changing the world of a busy 3-year-old.

FoxCT recently covered the heartwarming story of Santino Cotto and his custom prosthetic hand. Dr. Reznik provided advice and helped facilitate the acquisition of materials required to create the device. As you will see in the news story, Santino is adapting extremely well.

Techie lends helping hand to 3-year-old

For more information about Dr. Reznik and his practice, click here.

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